Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA

Grandmas for Jesus
ChristAid's outreach for elderly women (ages 50 and up)...

The "Grandmas for Jesus " project helps older women who have been forgotten and left to die of poverty and malnutrition, with no or very little income and poor health care.

Grandma in Uganda

Yet, these women are filling the gap for a whole generation of younger men who have been claimed by a true weapon of mass destruction... AIDS.

Sponsor a grandma for just $35 per month.

They are the ones praying and watching out for the new generation of orphans... called Ahadi Kids. Yet every morning they awaken in their huts and mud houses wondering if they will make it one more day because they are so weak.

Grandma in Uganda

ChristAid founder David Mporampora recalled how he wept when one "grandma" stood up in church and testified about how she carried him as a baby and was part of the elders who raised him as a little preacher and gospel musician boy.

That was it! We were not going to let one more grandma die of loneliness and poverty. God spoke to our spirit to call five "grandmas" respected as elders in the village. At a meeting, some wept because no one had ever expressed love and compassion for them.

We are training the "grandmas" in areas of proper nutrition, fellowship through Bible study, health care, good hygiene and work on small scale projects, then passing these skills on to others in the community.

Just $35 per month can change the entire outlook on life for a Grandma.  She can pay her own medical expenses, get fresh milk or other necessary food items, and partake (if she is able) in group fellowship with other women in the program.  Your love and prayers bring them peace and joy that is immeasurable!

Your $35 per month will provide your Grandma with money to care for herself and often grandchildren, as well as provide for ChristAid staff to check on her regularly and help her with chores which she may not be able to accomplish for herself.

Grandma in Uganda

Grandmas waiting for sponsorship: (Click on their name to download their profile.)

Ritah Kabatambuzi

Florence Mbagamba

Gertrude Tusime

Kamugasa Sophia

Nyakaisiski Kezia

Peluce Masiringi

Peluce Matama

Tibasaga Margret

Do you love grandmas? Do you want to help? Call ChristAid: 303-463-2932 or email: christaid@christaidintl.org.

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