Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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Vermeer Block Press Project - currently self sustaining

Christaid’s own brick making factory, job creation for many jobless people while enjoying the convenience of completing our own ministry building projects at a much lower cost (because we are making the bricks ourselves) not to mention the added blessing of sustainable income through doing projects for other clients in the community! The Vermeer BP714 Block Press makes building blocks out of local dirt with a little cement added. In February 2013 we shipped the Vermeer Press from Denver, Colorado and it arrived in Kicuna in May just in time for the first of two mission teams to put it into operation on the hill above the ChristAid Academy. Watch how the Vermeer Press
makes building blocks out of the Ugandan soil.
Many ChristAid projects will use these pressed earth blocks.
If you want to learn more and see the many advantages of this construction technology, watch the Vermeer/Dwell Earth video.
The Block Press Project is currently self sustaining as it supplies blocks to other ChristAid Projects. If there should be a need for donations in the future for expansion or redirection of the Block Press Project that information will be broadcast here and in the newsletters.
Thank you! to all our generous sponsors for making this dream come true.