Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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ChristAid Primary School Project, Kicuna, Uganda

Kicuna was a backward village that no one, except its residents, knew or cared about. The nearest school was an eight to twelve mile walk, round trip. As a child former Kicuna resident and ChristAid founder, David Mporampora, walked eight miles each school day.

The Change

ChristAid has helped other communities build schools, but with the ChristAid Primary School, Kicuna has become a model village for the whole district. Our Ahadi Kids (those orphaned by the AIDS epidemic) in Kicuna now receive personal attention so they can excel and maximize their potential. And because it is run by ChristAid a large percentage of donations by faithful, generous supporters goes directly to help the children.

Phase I and Phase II have been completed resulting in 8 classrooms with a computer and science laboratory. Future project Phase III will house the administration, library and more classrooms. Current related projects include the Teachers' Housing Project and the Solar and Sanitation Project

The completed school will accommodate 600 to 1,000 elementary-age kids. Pray that God will expand this vision far beyond our imagination, so that we can help raise intelligent kids who know God. You can embrace this vision by donating generously to the Teachers' Housing Project and the Solar and Sanitation Project. Donate online

Christ Aid School