Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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David's House/ChristAid Guesthouse

David has never been a collector of “things” in his life, but instead he has lived very simply and used much of his support from the US to give back into the ChristAid ministry he has loved so well all these years. As David is getting older, he has prayerfully considered retirement in the future and would very much like to hand over leadership to some “younger blood” of God’s anointing. Finally, David is working on a dream to create something for himself. David owns a home very near to ChristAid Academy which he had built many years ago for his beloved mother, who unfortunately did not live long enough to see it completed. While David has for years allowed “homeless Grandmas for Jesus” to use this house, he has recently begun to invest his resources to make a comfortable home from which to someday enjoy his own retirement. While the structural work of adding rooms and a new roof are finished, David needs around $30,000 to finish plumbing, electrical work, proper floors and water storage tanks for this house. He is making it larger than he would personally need, as he plans to make it available for a meeting place for the Grandma’s Group, a place appropriate for mission teams to use as a base and as a dormitory that each class of P.7 SuperStars will use as they prepare for the all- important National Exams ONLY DAVID WOULD BUILD A RETIREMENT HOME AND INVITE 27 TEENAGERS TO MOVE IN WITH HIM!! If you feel led to help David with the completion of his dream home, ( and the other areas of the house that will be used to benefit ChristAid for all the many years to come) please send your donations to ChristAid with the memo line……. David’s House Donate online