Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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P.7 SuperStars Program 2013

In January 2014 after the first ChristAid class of seventh graders took the all-important National Exams David announced; Folks, the results are in and they are astounding!! Our school has made believers out of those who questioned and doubted us. It has made a few people who never believe in miracles get started believing. Before I give you the results, Let me set the stage. Please note that we were that school that most people had put on the back burner, one that was underestimated and ruled out of the big boys’ game. We were the ones people categorized as; "Can anything come out of Nazareth?" Kicuna in this case. Here was everybody's reasoning why it was a must that we will fail; The big one was, who are we to emerge from nowhere, do the most intimidating and real championship national exam and actually compete with the most remarkable, wealthy and exclusive middle schools that have a wealth of experience spanning many years of doing the same exam? The other reason was, our principal (even though he is ChristAid’s own Ahadi Kid's success story) was too incompetent and inexperienced to lead the school to national recognition levels. We worked very hard (in fact extremely hard) as we kept our eyes on Jesus. We fasted many days and prayed and looked up into the hills where our help comes from. We cried out to our board and sponsors in USA and they did not disappoint. We motivated our champions to be (7th grade finalists) with the richest of the love of Christ and they felt very special and validated. Because of all this, they went confidently into the exam room like champions already and here is what happened; We sat a total of 27 middle schoolers; 18 of them came out with the most cherished 1st division. That is real big history in the making folks putting into consideration the fact that this is our very first candidate group ever to do that national exam. Nine of the kids came out with the well cherished 2nd grade (upper) meaning that they were close to making first grade. In fact three of them missed the first division by just a point. In our country, that is remarkable. We did not have one single kid in the 3rd division which would be considered a very poor but passing grade. We tied with the second best school in the region on the level of the 1st divisions but beat them on the best 2nd divisions level. To God be the glory!! The very best school in the region beat us by just three first divisions. What that means is; if our kids who missed the 1st division with only one point had made it, we would have tied with the champion. We are ecstatic! Totally blown away with the grace of God that indeed something amazing can come out of Nazareth (Kicuna and all the neighboring villages.) Hundreds of kids all the way from 1st grade all the way to the new 7th grade came to school to rejoice in our great victory.

The academic warriors now had to climb the mountain of finding the support needed to attend the good high schools for which they qualify. You can learn more in David's appeal for sponsors for these high achieving ChristAid students in ALL "VALEDICTORIAN" MATERIAL BUT!!.... Miraculously, ALL ARE NOW SPONSORED AND ARE PERFORMING WELL IN THE THEIR HIGH SCHOOLS.
To all of our sponsors we say
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