Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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ChristAid Primary Clinic Project

We now have a small school clinic constructed partly by the parents of the kids at the school. Often times kids get sick and the parents cannot come to get them right away. Parents came with their hoes and work clothes. We gave them wheel barrows and shovels to dig the foundation.

clinic dig

Lo and behold we got the job partially done! I think we are stirring up the spirit of volunteerism here. The iron sheets and the bricks were all donated by the community and so was most of the labor.


The teams from the USA brought medications for the kids and a team member, Marilyn Van Mersbergen, gave a physical exam to 300 students.


The funds to finish the clinic on the inside and to furnish it were then donated by Dan Zaugg, the sponsor of an Ahadi Kid.


Before it was even finished the clinic served as the P.7 boys dorm as they lived at the school and studied around the clock for the important national exam.