Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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ChristAid Solar and Sanitation Project

For two year’s P-7 students enrolled in the ChristAid Academy have amazed everyone with their success in the national tests. See P.7 SuperStars Program 2014 and the P.7 SuperStars Program 2013 . Their success is a tribute to the staff and an indication of a positive future for Uganda as these Christ-centered students take positions of leadership in the nation. We have the opportunity to encourage even greater success in the future by two projects for the school that were conceived by Barry Charelle and approved by the ChristAid Board of Directors. While on a mission trip to help with the Shelters Project, Barry developed a love and concern for the people of Uganda, especially the children at ChristAid Academy. He was, however, shocked by the unsanitary conditions of the ChristAid Academy rest rooms.
They are just outhouses with a hole cut through the cement floors. The children walk into them, often with bare feet. He was also concerned by the insufficient lighting in the classrooms.

Although there are windows on two sides of the classrooms, the lighting is inadequate for study and learning.

Furthermore, the ChristAid Academy has a computer lab equipped with computers, but their only power source is a small gasoline generator. Providing electricity for the school would significantly enhance the children’s ability to learn as they use today’s technology. The Lord placed on Barry’s heart

that something needed to be done about both situations and that he was the one to do it. Thus he investigated the possibility of installing both a sanitary sewer system and a solar power system at the school. Although final engineering is not complete, plans are being developed and funds are being raised for both systems. These plans will start with sending EMI, a mission engineering firm, to Uganda to study the need and make recommendations. Funds needed to build the sanitary sewer system and the solar power system are being raised. Your help will be greatly appreciated. If you would like to make contributions to these projects for the school, please send gifts to Christ Aid and identify your gift for the sewer and/or solar projects. Thank-you! Donate online