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University Scholarship Program
2014- Active

With God’s help and blessings, ChristAid Academy graduates are now ready for post secondary education in increasing numbers. In fact, several Academy graduates are currently enrolled in either university programs or vocational/trade schools and enjoying great success. It is the wish of the staff of ChristAid to help its graduates further their education through a combination of sponsorships, scholarships, and work-study programs.

Most ChristAid Academy graduates choose one of three post-secondary options. Mountains of the Moon University near Fort Portal, offers a discount to Christ Aid graduates and is a common choice. (David Mporampora is a member of the university board at Mountains of the Moon University.) Several students have been accepted to universities in Kampala and still others have chosen vocational/trade schools in the area for their higher education.

The ChristAid Boards in both Uganda and the United States have been working hard to develop a university scholarship program. The boards worked together to create an application and evaluation process to identify the best candidates to receive scholarships. Brenda Olson, Carol Blechschmidt, and Arlen Nordhagen served on this year’s selection committee. The committee evaluated the applicants in terms of scholarship, character, service, and financial need. David Mporampora and his staff met with the candidates to further evaluate the applicant’s commitment to Christ and the ChristAid organization. Working together, the scholarship committee and their Ugandan counterpart determined which applicants should receive scholarships.

ChristAid has been blessed by generous donors with the funds to award seventeen badly needed scholarships for this year.

If you are interested in helping with the ChristAid University Program, there are several ways in which you may participate. Most importantly, your prayers are needed for the continued success of this program. If you currently sponsor a secondary student, you may wish to continue to assist them with their post-secondary education. The average annual tuition for the seventeen scholarship recipients was $760 but it varies with the university chosen. Additional funds may be necessary for supplies .

A donation to the scholarship fund is another way in which anyone may help. Members are needed for the scholarship selection committee for next year and this is an exciting way to serve.

The ChristAid University program is full of promise and expected to grow. In the words of David Mporampora , “Thank you for the amazing sacrifices..…. thank you for doing what Christ would do.”

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