Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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Shelters in the Storm Project - active project

Housing in Kicuna consists of mud huts made of a mixture of cow dung and dirt, packed into a framework of sticks and timbers. Many of our Ahadi Kids are being raised by grandmothers in these structures. The roofs are generally corrugated tin and often leak from disrepair. The mud suffers erosion from the weather quickly making the buildings unsafe if not tended to. In June 2013 the Shelters in the Storm project built the first Grandmother's house using the compressed-earth blocks from the Vermeer Press. Building a wall with these interlocking blocks is like stacking 25 pound Legos. Local help was trained to run the press and to erect tough, straight walls. In addition, earthen walls regulate temperatures, dampen sound, repel mold and can resist earthquakes, fires and other disasters. The first 4 houses were tested by a magnitude 5 earthquake shaking up western Uganda in November 2014.
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of the construction of Grandma Ester's house in Kicuna. It shows the building of walls (without mortar). The second house was completed in November 2013 for Grandma Teopista. See ONE AMAZING DAY TO REMEMBER for David's report. The third house was completed in February 2014 for Grandma Imelda seen rejoicing at the dedication ceremonies. Soon after this Grandma Elizabeth was helping with block making for her house finished in July 2014. The fifth house was dedicated for Grandma Juliana on Christmas Eve 2014. Volunteers did the final landscaping. The cost per house is $7000. Two complete local construction teams have been trained and are working on #6 and #7 houses in early 2015. There are many ways you can be involved if you wish. If you are a sponsor of a Grandmother for Jesus you can inquire as to the priority of replacing her housing. Donations can be made for an entire house or any part of a house. You can start a funding drive to raise the money for a grandmother's house. Join a mission team to help build a house in Kicuna, Uganda. If you would like to contribute to this project be sure to label your check or online donation with "Shelters in the Storm".
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