Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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Soccer Stadium Project

Out of hopelessness many young people in Uganda resort to violent crime, prostitution and drugs because they lack education or employment. Generations are perishing because they drop out of school to loiter in villages, towns and cities hoping for change. Even those who graduate find themselves jobless due to corruption. Such conditions breed terrorism, organized crime and gangs.

ChristAid, in addition to helping the youth of Uganda through education, vocational training and career counseling, has organized soccer leagues to help them play together and keep their minds off their misery.

Construction has begun on a stadium, helped by a $2,000 donation from a dear American friend of the poor.

As a result of this effort crime has decreased significantly. Although it is not yet a world-class facility, the donor named it "GOLD MEDAL STADIUM" believing that soccer champions will be produced there. The home team calls itself "KICUNA UNITED." imitating England's highly successful "MANCHESTER UNITED."

More needs to be done. Plans for the stadium have been drafted. But there is a need for funds. Are you a soccer or sports enthusiast with a big heart? Do you desire to provide financial help? Donate online to the "Soccer Project." Be sure to label your check or online donation with "Soccer Project".

soccer field today

Above: Soccer stadium site today; Below: Architectural impressions of the completed soccer stadium

completed soccer statdium

Would you like to coach a team or do you have soccer gear — jerseys, shoes and accessories — to donate? Or, imagine traveling to Uganda with your soccer team to play a local team. Email or call 303-463-2932. ChristAid makes all arrangements.