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ChristAid Academy Teacher Housing

It is a huge priority for the ChristAid Board of Directors to begin building the Teacher Housing Project in 2015. Building housing for our 12 teachers close to the school, will be an extremely valuable tool to recruit and keep excellent teachers. You have heard an abundance of amazing praise reports on the scholastic achievement of our kids (especially our recent P7 graduates) and this can only happen when they are being taught by the best! (Most of the better schools in towns such as Fort Portal and larger, already offer housing for their teachers.) ChristAid has received several generous donations to begin this project and using those funds, ChristAid has purchased approximately one acre on the hillside next to ChristAid Academy upon which to build. The building design under discussion features several “4-plexes” with two apartments above and two at ground level in each building. We are planning to complete three buildings in Phase 1 of construction, and will have available land remaining for several more buildings for future expansion. The cost of each building is currently being estimated, resulting in a preliminary number of about $20,000 to build each 4-plex. We have about $13,000 available in the Teacher Housing Project Fund after purchasing the land, so we are nearing the amount needed to BEGIN THE FIRST UNIT!! A mission trip is currently planned for April of 2015 to lay out the foundations and break out the shovels. WE NEED TO RAISE around $47,000 to get Phase I completed and make this dream a reality!! If you are led by God to contribute to this VERY EXCITING AND WORTHWHILE PROJECT….. Please send your donations to ChristAid online or by check to the post office box listed below. LET THE DIGGING AND THE BLESSINGS BEGIN!! (Be sure and indicate you would like the money to go toward “teacher housing”!!) Donate online