Putting Christ into the Crisis of UGANDA


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Water Project

"And if anyone gives a cup of cold water to one of these in the name of a disciple, he will certainly not lose his reward" Mathew 10:42 (NIV)

A generous couple, Mike and Katherine Barry of Edwards, Colorado, took the above passage to heart. They were moved to make a generous donation to a water project that provides water to many families. It was not easy or inexpensive but with the blessing of the Barrys and other friends of ChristAid, the village is now pumping water from almost a mile away to  four distribution centers. What was once a difficult and time-consuming task is no more.

The water project is truly living water which if anyone drinks, they will never be thirsty again. That is the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. Thanks be to God, and God bless the Barrys and all those who contributed to this life-saving project.

More needs to be done to expand the distribution capacity to at least 500 more people by building a 100,000 gallon tank on top of a hill so gravity will move the water. Also needed is a more powerful ram pump (non electric and uses no fuel) costing about $3500. Another $10,000 is needed for tank and pipeline construction. Make this your project. Give another cup of cold water, save more lives. Contact ChristAid if you are interested in supporting this furure project.